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Our Focus

We only focus on 3 services which are the most crucial for your businesses and we are very good at what we do.

Mobile Development

iOS, Android, API backend (.NET/.NET Core), UI/UX Design

Web Development

Technology C# .NET, .NET Core,; Human resource system (Company directory, training, timesheet & payrolls); Knowledge Management System (R&D)

Simplicity® Software

Premium solution for EAM (manage & maintain assets); Supply Chain Management (inventory, procurement, & contracts).

Why should you work with us?

1. We provide high quality IT solutions and services with professional engineers situated in Vietnam, Singapore and Australia at competitive rates to fit your business needs.

2. We care about you. Whether or not you have enough budgets for IT project, we can always discuss and see which solution suits you best. Sometimes, you don’t need a very complicated ERP system. A simple piece of software may also fix your operation problem.

3. We are responsible. We provide 6 month guarantee for our code and services after production. Our code is well modularized and scalable. You can be reassured that your future enhancement and integration will cost less.


Our latest works
  • iOS App – Dan Market Place

    An iOS app with built in chat function for users to advertise their home-made products and communicate with buyers. Integrated with Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

    dan1 dan2 dan3
    dan4a dan7 dan5
    dan4b dan6
    iOS App – Dan Market Place
  • Android App – Chat Messenger

    A chat messenger for people to find friends with similar liking at nearby locations. Integrated with Google Firebase, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Xamarin, .NET Core back end

    real1 real2 real3
    real4 real5 real6
    Android App – Chat Messenger
  • Cloud HR Management System

    Our HR Management System is developed on top of Django (Python), containing all standard modules for managing your human resource such as employee, claim, timesheet, payroll, projects, and training modules.

    Responsive, user-friendly UI & scalable system, ready to integrate with Quickbook.




    hrm6 hrm7

    Cloud HR Management System
  • EAM & Supply Chain Management Systems

    We have been developing enterprise asset management (EAM) systems and supply chain management systems (.NET C#) with Simplicity® for the past 6 years. The product is trusted and well-adopted by major corporations in Singapore.

    EAM system covers asset and asset maintenance modules whereas supply chain management system covers a wide range of modules from inventory to procurement and contract.

    If you are interested in our portfolios, please contact us at for more information.


    EAM & Supply Chain Management Systems
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About US

This is how we started & how we handle your projects.

Sophie founded Amberos in 2013 with Kenneth. Our head quarter is in Singapore, registration number 201333915R, located at 51 GoldHill Plaza, #07-10/11, Singapore 308900.

At that time, Sophie found a revolutionized, optimized and sustainable IT resource solution for her current company Anacle Systems Pte Ltd, a renowned global Corporation with incredible footprints of 100+ customers across the aerospace, defense, education, environment, healthcare, real estate and utilities industries in the region.

Being able to witness Anacle’s dynamic growth for many years, she had been given plenty of opportunities to join large-scale projects such as Singapore Town Council, Singtel, CapitaLand, Singapore Ministry of Health Holdings and Changi General Hospital from engineer level, to technical lead and then project manager position.

With the trust of Anacle, Sophie successfully convinced the BoD to become Amberos’ very first client. The team and she began their adventure since October 2013. Since 2021, after 7 years of successful partnership, we are proud to become Anacle's Brand Associate.

  • Step 1: Analyse requirements

    Conduct meetings with clients & finalize project functional specifications

  • Step 2: Agile Software Development

    Divide projects into phases & conduct user acceptance tests for each phase; only move on to next phase when clients are happy

  • Step 3: Project Delivery

    Hand over software & documentation; conduct user or video trainings upon service request

  • Step 4: Maintenance (Optional)

    Fully protect our clients with 6 month code guarantee to fix all code-related bugs; provide technical support upon service request

Our Team

Sophie Hinh
Sophie Hinh
CEO & Domain Expert
“7 years in the industry. I have a huge passion for applying IT into business to optimize and simplify operational processes. Running a business is not an easy job. All I want is to make it easier for fellow entrepreneurs.”
Vietnam Branch Manager
“I have been with Amberos since the day it was established Oct 23, 2013. My passion for the company as well as our clients has never been 1 inch less ever since.”
Luan Tran
Luan Tran
Technical Manager
“Hey hey, I’m a coder who enjoys coding every day. When you love something so much, you can even do it for free. I love adding free extra features for my clients to make their system look more complete!”
Luan Nguyen
Luan Nguyen
Quality Controller
“I’m a coder myself and the heart of output control for my team. I am good with details and have low tolerance for mistakes. Watch out, fellow coders!”
Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Business Logic Advisor
“I love coding and have good understanding of business logics. I and my team develop functions for practical usages and make sure they would be helpful for clients’ daily operation.”
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We need team players, not solo heroes. We learn and discover new things together. We share, leverage and tap on each other’s existing knowledge. Most importantly, you will need to be serious and able to learn fast. Are you up for the challenge and being a part of something big?


Here are what our customers like about us

"I have been witnessing my own startup, companies I worked for, and my clients facing stagnant growth due to lack of business efficiency. Take a proactive and preventive step to automate and streamline your operational processes before going any further and bigger with bubbles. It’s not as costly as you think and remember this, corrective approach when problems arise normally leave you with more damages.”

- Sophie Hinh -

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